Autumn Blaze Bassets

  Canadian Kennel Club Registered  

                  -AutumnBlaze Kennel Policies-

Stud Service

  We do NOT offer stud service at our kennel.  We have chosen this as a health percaution for our studs as well as the rest of our kennel. 


We do not offer shipping on our puppies.  

Puppy Visitation

   We have a strict requirement of all our guests....We ask that you do NOT go to see other puppies, anywhere, in the same day before coming to our home. This is how Parvo Virus gets spread!  It is a little safer if the puppies have been vaccinated, but it isn't 100% safe until the puppies have received their "entire series" of vaccinations. After weaning, puppies will receive vaccinations at 6, 10 and 14 weeks of age.  Until the ENTIRE series of vaccines are finished, the puppies can still catch Parvo and other deadly contagious diseases!

    Once the puppies have been born, we do not have any visitors until the puppies are 6 weeks old and have had their first set of vaccines .
   There is NO exception to this rule.  This is done for the protection of the puppies and the dam.  As for visiting the parents of the litter - once the dam had been bred she will no longer be available to take visitors.  This is for the safely of the unborn pups and the mom herself.  We like to keep the kennel stress-free during this time, and new faces and broken routines can cause upset for the mom to be.  The dam and sire can be seen when the pups are 6 weeks old.  At this time, the dam is less likely to be upset with new faces and smells.

  As stated above, visitors may track in germs on their clothes and shoes like Parvo, which is a very deadly virus. The most common way puppies get Parvo, is from people bringing the germs to them on their clothes and shoes. Even if you have not been around other puppies, the germs can still be picked up from contaminated side walks and grass and then tracked in on your clothes or the soles of your shoes. Parvo can live on the ground for up to 4 years. 

   You will notice that many other breeders that are careful will have this same policy.  I am sure you will appreciate this policy if you are purchasing a puppy from us!

Rehoming Policy

   If circumstances are such that a puppy does not work out in its new home, or circumstances arise where the person can no longer care for their adult dog or puppy, it clearly states in your contract that the puppy must be returned to the Breeder at your expense. So please give serious thought to your decision to purchase. A basset can live up to 12 years or more.